WhatsApp New update: Picture in Picture mode, private messages in groups and more

WhatsApp New update: Picture in Picture mode, private messages in groups and more
Now a days WhatsApp is the most popular messenger. We all know that Facebook has acquired WhatsAapp seeing its popularity. WhatsApp keeps updating this app with new features and optimize it time to time.

Now for beta users whatsapp has come with new features of  picture in picture (PiP) and privately reply in a group. Other than these major additions, there is a new Shake to report feature, Tap to unblock user feature  and invite via link feature.
Picture in picture feature will make whatsapp video call more user friendly. Now user can do anything in his/her smartphone without disturbing or without pausing the whatsapp video call. Facebook app has already enabled this feature.Watch this video

Other feature will provide you benefit of privately reply in a group. Now you can privately talk to a particular person in a group.
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Google just launched three new photography apps

 Google just launched three new photography apps

Goggle has just announced three new photography apps. Selfissimo, that will be available for both Android and iOS. Other two are Storyboard (Only for Android) and Scrubbies (Only for iOS).

As already mentioned that Selfissimao! will perfectly work on both iOS and Android. Selfissimo! Uses experimental research technology from Google  to capture photos automatically each time you pose, encouraging you to capture your best self. Selfissimo! snaps a photo each time you stop moving.

Storyboard app take a video clip and put that video into 6 different frames in the comic book template. You will be able to refresh the app to get new layouts and frames. Google claiming that there are over 1.6 trillion combinations.

The last and third app is Scrubbies, which lets you remix videos, DJ-style by quickly scrubbing back and forth through a clip to create video loops. Shoot a video in this app and then remix it by scratching it like a Dj.


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Something New For Biking by Google Map- Updated Google Map

Something New For Biking by Google Map- Updated Google Map

Google Maps motorcycle mode finds shortcuts for India's bikers

No one can’t imagine the world without Google. Google and Internet have made the people’s life easy. Google is making people life easier. There was a time when people had to face lots of problem to search any address. But now with Google map you don’t need to ask anyone for that address. You can easily access any address with the help of google map.

With Google Maps, you can not only know an address, but you can also find out the traffic that goes on your way. Google Map has now also paid attention to places where motorcycles are more used.

In India most people use motorcycle. There was no directive in google map for those running the Motorcycle. Now the Google team has added a new feature of motorcycle mode in Google Maps. With the help of which you can find a suitable route for a biking

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In The Loving Memory Of Shashi Kapoor

In The Loving Memory Of Shashi Kapoor

Today Indian cinema lost a popular, veteran actor Mr. Shashi Kapoor (Balbir Prathviraj Kapoor). I don’t think that I need to explain his popularity in Indian cinema. Shashi Kapoor had been a great actor in all type of roll in Bollywood movies. Shashi Kapoor was the third and the youngest son of 
Prithviraj Kapoor, the younger brother of Raj Kapoor and Shammi Kapoor. He was honored with the Padma Bhushan (In 2011) and Dadasaheb Phalke Award- 2014 in 2015.
He was admitted for a reported chest infection'

aKokilaben HospitalMumbai on 3 December 2017 and passed away on 4 December 2017 due to a prolonged liver cirrhosis.
Let’s see how people reacted on this hug loss of Bollywood celebrity.
Twitter Trends On Loss Of Great Actor, Shashi Kapoor
Hritik Roshan says: RIP Shashi Kapoor ji Great artistes not only inspire but also inseminate the hearts & minds of the next generation. In individual ways we all carry his greatness within us. He & his talent shall live on. And we shall forever celebrate it. Thank you for your inspiration...
Akshay Kumar says: Innumerable Bollywood dreams came to life watching your iconic dialogue, "Mere paas maa hai." Your tremendous contribution to cinema will always be remembered. RIP #ShashiKapoor ji
Krity Sanon says: One of the most good looking & talented actors we’ve ever had.. with a genuine niceness on his face and a heartwarming smile! R.I.P
Shashi Kapoor Sir. Condolences to the family

In the loving memory of Shashi Kapoor Shahab let’s remember some of his great movies and songs.
Some of his hits are
  • §  Jab Jab Phool Khile - 1965
  • §  Waqt                         - 1965
  • §  Deewar                     - 1975
  • §  Sharmeelee             - 1971
  • §  Namak Halaal          - 1982
  • §  Trishul                       - 1978
  • §  Satyam Shivam Sundaram -1978
  • §  Suhaag                      - 1979
  • §  Kabhi Kabhi              -1976
Shashi Kapoor gave many block buster movies having all taste of life. Emotions, love, tragedy and comedy everything was there in his movies. I personally love many songs that are of Shashi Kapoor’s Movies. Some of wonderful and evergreen songs are

The treasure of great movies and songs will never end. Shashi Kapoor will be remembered in his great movies and evergreen songs. 

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How To Talk To Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere?

How To Talk To Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere?

How to talk anyone anytime anywhere

I was looking for an idea by which I would make me able to talk any language knowing person. Just imagine that you are an American but you plan to visit India. What is the first thing that come in your mind? In India you will not find all the people who understand English. This problem is common for those people who do frequent travels. English is a common language, most people speak and understand it but there are some languages which are very difficult to understand.
 Can you imagine that you are talking with a Brazilian in your language? Brazilian is saying in his language but you are listening him in your own language. I have taken some example but now you can listen anyone in your own language irrespective be the any language of speaker.
Yes this is possible now. You are living in the era of Google. It is not only the search engine now but everything.
You know very well the google translation app. Now google translation has come with more beneficial features. It will make conversation very easy.
Let us discuss how it works.
First of all you will have to go on google play store and search google translation App. Download and install it. Now open the App.
You will see like this interface. In the left side, you can select the language which is to have translate from. In the right site select the language in which you are going translate to. Google translate gives you permission to download more than 108 language for offline conversations. That means once you download any language, you don’t need to have internet connection for conversation in that language.
Once you tap on the mic button you will enter into this interface. Now you will find that it is not just a translation App now but it is the platform of conversation. After listening your voice it will say in other language and will wait for your next turn.
Now you can save your favorite translated words or sentences and you will see all your saved translated phrase in phrasebook.
So Google is making our life easy and easier. For more about google translate see this video.

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Top Secrets To Stay Healthy And Happy

Top Secrets To Stay Healthy And Happy

It has become a very big challenge to keep yourself healthy in today's running life.

Every person suffers from some type of illness. In this period of time, you will find fewer people who have had no medicines. All of these diseases are due to our daily routine and bad eating habits.

If you want to keep yourself fit and you want that you do not have medicines, then you have to make changes in your daily routine. You can make yourself healthier by doing a little bit of hard work.

1. Early morning habit

It seems a very small thing but it is very effective. If you add habit of getting up early in the morning and go for morning walk of 1 hour, you will see major changes in your health. Just wake up in the morning and you will get inspiration from it and by the evening you will feel relaxed. Believe me if you start walking in the morning and start jogging then you will feel a different confidence inside yourself.

2 Walking Habits

We often saw that we use rickshaws or bikes for a short distance. This is wrong. If you can go somewhere easily without any transportation, do not get help from a bike or a rickshaw. Wherever opportunities get run on foot. Our cholesterol is controlled by walking. Our extra fat is also burned by walking. You probably do not know that walking on foot and fast makes our brain go faster. Walking through our nerves leads to blood circulation in the right way. Therefore, as much as possible, used walking on foot.

3 for peace of mind  

Now a days most people are victims of depression. This is nothing but due to mental uncertainty. If you give your mind some comfort then this problem will end. You have to take some time for yourself. You can go to some place for a while where you can sit alone for a while. You have to sit down at least 3 times in a week by closing your eyes and quietly. This method will refresh your mind. You can also take advantage of yoga. You make a habit of meditation. Meditation will remove your mental condition and depression altogether.

4 Understand your body language

Neither make your body more relaxed nor do excess hard work. If you are feeling that you are feeling sleeping while doing work, then going to take a little sleep will prove to be good for you. Do not do anything against your body.

5 Changes in eating habits

By making a change in food you can make a big difference in your lifestyle. Eat whichever you want to eat but that should be nutritious. Make changes in your three time catering. Take breakfast quite a heavy a stomach full diet. In lunch you should take middle quantities of food. The quantities of food taken in lunch must be less than that of in breakfast but greater than that of in dinner. Dinner must be lowest.

Breakfast - Heavy, full your stomach 😊

Lunch - In medium quantity, less than breakfast and greater than dinner

Dinner - In the Lowest Amount

6 Sports Habits

Everyone likes sports. Every person plays very much in his childhood but when he gets older he gets away from playing due to the busyness of time. You feel tired all the time without sports. Your breath starts flowing only by climbing some stairs. All these problems can be overcome, you just have to add sports to your routine. You can plan to play any game on every single weekend. If no one is available, then you have plans to park with your children.

I am pretty sure that if you combine these things with your life, then you will be able to completely change your life.

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Top 5 High Run Scorer In T20I Format In Cricket

Top 5 High Run Scorer In T20I Format In Cricket

Since T20 come, the complete picture of international cricket has been changed. Now T20 is the most favorable format for audiences. The T20i format is full of excitements. You can’t imagine the match result before the last ball of the match. This is the beauty of T20i cricket you can’t leave your sit before the last ball of the match.

Now we are going to introduce the most run scorer in T20I cricket.

Shoaib Malik

Shoaib Malik from the Pakistan is the most talented right handed batsman and left arm spin bowler.

He is at 5th position in most run scorer in T20I format.
















MJ Guptill

The new Zealand opening batsman in all format, Guptll is at 4th position in the T20I most run scorer. Let’s take a look at his record in t20i cricket

















TM Dilshan

Shrilankal star cricketer TM Dilshan is at number 3 in the most run scorer in t20i cricket format.
















Virat Kohali

The most talented cricketer in the world, Virat Kohali from India is at 2nd position in the most run scorer in t20i game. Virat kohali is the most consistent player in run scoring in any format of India. Let’s take a look at his record in t20i format
















BB McCullam

McCullam is at number one position in most run scorer in the t20i format. It is seemed that McCullam is made for t20i game because he is the number one entertainer in this format. He play very well in these limited overs matches. Let’s take a sight at his t20i record
















Now a days T20i games are most favorable because in these are full of entertainment. Any chance of mistake is not acceptable in t20i format. So keep enjoying the fatafat cricket.

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Aadhaar-Verified Passengers Can Now Book extra 6 Railway Tickets A Month Online

Aadhaar-Verified Passengers Can Now Book extra 6 Railway Tickets A Month Online

Indian railways is the most powerful means of travelling from one location to other. On an average 23 Millions of people travel daily by Indian railways.

IRCTC is the website where you can book your tickets. You must be registered in this website to make any reservation for anywhere of any train.

The limit of the number of booking tickets is 6 per month. That means you can book only 6 tickets in a month. Now to encourage the use of AADHAAR by passengers of Indian railways, the national carrier has decided to allow booking of up to 12 tickets a month for IRCTC users.

So you can take benefits of booking of 12 tickets per month by registering your AADHAR with the website IRCTC

According to the senior officers of Indian railways this service has been in effected from 26th October 2017. It is believed that now more people will link the AADHAAR with IRCTC account.

The existing IRCTC account which are not linked with AADHAAR will continue to book 6 tickets per month.

The good thing with this service is that the corruption in the tickets booking will reduce. Now the travel agent will not be able to create fake account. Now one person can have only one IRCTC account.

Procedure to Link AADHAAR to IRCTC Account

ü  Login your IRCTC account

ü  Click ‘’Aadhar KYC’’ link under ‘’My Profile’’ menu.

ü  Enter your Aadhaar number and click on send OTP button. OTP will be sent on your mobile number that is already registered with Aashaar

ü  Enter the OTP and click on Verify button

Your Aadhaar will be registered with your IRCTC account.

So take the benefit of your Aadhaar to book 6 extra tickets in a month.




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Top 5 Horror Movies Of Bollywood

Top 5 Horror Movies Of Bollywood

Do you love to watch movies? Horror movies are always amazing to play. Sometimes we feel real fear while watching movies. Now a days the technologies are at its top level. Special effects makes movies more horror. 3 D sound effects make us feel real fear. In this technology era horror movies seems to be more horror. But if we talk about old Bollywood horror movies, those movies also were amazing. If you really love horror movies, you must watch these Bollywood horror movies at least once.

Mahal- 1949

Mahal is a Bollywood Hindi movie directed by Kamal Amrohi and starring Ashok Kumar and Madhubala. The story of this film says that a young lawyer is involved with a ghostly woman in his new house, where the builder and his fiancée died shortly after it was built.

Bees Saal Baad- 1962

This movie released in 1962, directed by Biren Nag and produced by Hemant Kumar. In this movie a Thakur rapes a young girl, she kills herself. Thereafter, the Thakur is killed by what the local people call the girl's vengeful spirit. All the family members killed in a similar fashion like Thakur.

Kohara- 1964

Kohraa (The Fog) is a 1964 Bollywood horror film directed by Biren Nag, starring Waheeda Rehman, Biswajeet and Lalita Pawar. In this film, a recently wed woman discovers the ghost of her husband's first wife still haunts their home.

1920- 2018

This is my favorite movie. It was released in 2008, directed by Vikram Bhat. In this movie a man turned ghost after his death, comes in next generation to take revenge.


The name of the movie is some strange ‘6-5=2’, this movies was released in 2014. It is the story of 6 friends who travel through the forest and some horrifying events taken place.


You should watch these movies you will feel fear. I am sure that you will like these movies


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Do You Know where you can visit without visa?

Do You Know where you can visit without visa?

Do you know that India ranks 59th in the most powerful passports?   Everyone know that we need passports and visa to visit any country. Passport is just an identity that you are living in the country. Whenever you want to visit any other country you must have visa of that country. There are lots of categories but we are going not to describing all of those categories. Here we will know something interesting. Many countries are there where you can visit without visa. You must only have your passport. You can visit these countries with your passport only, you will get visa after reaching that country. This type of visa is called visa on arrival. So Indians having passport can visits following 58 countries.

Take A Look At These Countries

1.    Antarctica

2.    Bhutan

3.    Bolivia

4.    British Virgin Islands

5.    Cambodia

6.    Cape Verde

7.    Comoros Islands

8.    Cook Islands

9.    Djibouti

10. Dominica

11. Ecuador

12. El Salvador

13. Ethiopia

14. Fiji

15. FYRO Macedonia

16. Gambia

17. Georgia

18. Grenada

19. Guinea-Bissau

20. Guyana

21. Haiti

22. Hong Kong

23. Indonesia

24. Iraq (Basra)

25. Jamaica

26. Jordan

27. Kenya

28. Laos

29. Macau

30. Madagascar

31. Maldives

32. Mauritius

33. Micronesia

34. Montserrat

35. Mozambique

36. Nauru

37. Nepal

38. Nicaragua

39. Niue

40. Palau

41. Samoa

42. Sao Tome & Principe

43. Seychelles

44. South Korea (Jeju)

45. St. Kitts & Nevis

46. St. Lucia

47. St. Vincent & Grenadines

48. Svalbard

49. Tajikistan

50. Tanzania

51. Thailand

52. Timor Leste

53. Togo

54. Trinidad & Tobago

55. Turks & Caicos Islands

56. Tuvalu

57. Uganda

58. Vanuatu

These are those countries where Indians get Visa on arrival. Are there any countries where no passports and visa required for Indians to visit?  Yes there are. You can visit here

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