Personal view of life

What is Life?

What is life,is a very simple question asked by a person to himself. Every one find its answer according to his life going on. However if one think about other person's life too,he will find that life is a most beautiful moment gifted by The Almighty to eveyone and to every creature of the world.

Consider a moment that is very good and happy time for you,your happiness making you happy but at the same time the reason behind your happiness may be reason of distress and sorrow for someone.

I have been experienced many times that if someone is very unhappy and everywhere is darkness for him,he is thinking to leave this life because he has now way to go to recover. yes,this is what he is thinking of life when he is in trouble,but he do not know that The God has made two sides of every things. If there is darknes,there is also its positive side that is light. Every negativ side ends to come positive side.

However we must bear in mind that every thing has two sides of its nature so keep remember this sentense giving a beautiful and very meaningfull thought

This time also will Change.

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