Best keyboard app for Android Devices: Type Faster and have more Fun

Hi friends ! Today i am going to introduce you with a most beautiful and cool android application. I am hundred percent sure that you will like it and you will become addicted to this application. If you are an android user and you are a lover of some new designs and themes, you will love it too.
We all know that android has a lot of applications in play store but some applications are very special.
This application is basically language and  keyboards  related.
However google has already given a beautiful keyboards  having great features. Initially we had used a very simple keyboard like no keywords suggestions, no auto correction etc. If you wanted to write in other language you had to use separate keyboard for all language. But time changed. Google provide a new keyboard . Now you can choose your own favourite language just by a single click. You type in english and output content is in your own language. Yes ! This is amazing ! But i have something more amazing for you.
I am going to tell you about a new keyboard that has more amazing features than others.
First of all i am going to tell you the name of this amazing keyboard. This is Bobble.

You can download it from android play store. Please click here to download Bobble. Once you download and installed it, you have entered into a special era of typing and chatting.
After installing some setting has to change.
Let's start step by step what setting has to change.
  • Go to the settings
  • Select language and input

  • Select current keyboard 

  • Select Bobble Keyboard 

Now you have done everything. Now your new keyboard  will be just like in this pic.

You can select beautiful themes. You can choose one touch language change, you can create your own photo gif, you can use your photo to make many gif. Really​ Its amazing.
Use this keyboard once.
Once you installed it, just go to the app icon. When you open it you will find many things like heads, stickers, gif, stories

you can type your message in the given box. Your message will be shown in all stickers and gif. You can use those stickers and gif for your messaging and chatting. With this Bobble keyboard your chatting will become more interesting.
If you face any issue with this keyboard and want to need any support, please comment in comment box.


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