How to Save Call & SMS Logs on Android—No Root Required

Do you want to save all your call logs forever? This article is for those people who want to save their call logs and messages.
Now you can save all your missed calls, Received calls, all messages
I will not waste your much time. Let's come to the point, if you want all things that I described above you should have an Android device such as Android mobile phone or Android tablet.

Photo: Google Play

Before telling you about this App I want to tell the benefits of this app. I am using Android phone since 2008. I have changed a lot of phone till now but you will be surprised that my all messages and all call logs from 2008 to till this point of time are saved.
I can see all of my call logs and messages anytime anywhere. This is great, I think. whenever I am free I open my old messages that were received from my old friends. 
Yes Of course !
 their number has been changed and all thing has been changed but the things that are not changed are there text messages. I can read those message anytime.
If you really want to do this you should follow me step by step.
 OK !  let's start. First of all you should have Internet in your mobile phone second thing is you must have a Gmail account.
This Gmail account should be your main account, the account you should not be forgot never. So try your main account only. Once you have a mail Gmail account you can try this App. Just open Google Play Store and type SMS Backup in the search option. You will see many Apps regarding this keyword but you should have to download that is mentioned in the snapshot.

 Yes ! This is SMS Backup
Once you download it. Install it and now follow the settings given in the snapshot.

Connect it with your non forgettable gmail account. I am saying non forgettable gmail because you may change your Android device in future but gmail account will be the same and it must be the same for all Android devices. Your all data will be save in this gmail account. It generate a separate label in gmail like this in snapshot

Once you set all the settings your apps ready to work. See after some time in your gmail in call log label so will see all your calls,message, missed call, received call. For security reason i am not showing my data after clicking on call log in gmail.
Note:- i have been used it in Android device but i have not any idea about iPhone  .


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