Make Your Own Beautiful Blog - It's Easy & Free with Blogger

Get ready to be a blogger. In previous blog I told you about blog and blogger. I also told you that if you have good contents, you will find good traffic on your blog. Once your blog start attracting traffic, you will start earning from google advertisement.
Without wasting your time, i am going to teach you how to create your first blog

Just click on create button. Another window will open saying sign in to continue to Blogger.

Once you sign in with your gmail account a new window will open. That window will be off blogger asking you to select the title of your blog. You can select any title of your blog. You should keep in your mind that your blog title must be according to your blog contents. Your blog title must well explain your blog contents.

Now you will have to select address for your blog. This step is very important. You should have a unique address that is not already available on blogger data base. Once you chose a unique address blogger data base will verify it saying that This blog is available.
You can select any of the themes given by blogger. Now just click on create button.
After this your blogger will login but before login a window occurs asking if you want to buy your personal domain or you want to use free blogger.

If you want to use blogger that just click No thanks Button.
Now your blogger will look like this.

 This is all how to create your blog free of cost. In next step you will learn how to create posts, how to see your blog statistics, how to set themes, how to customize themes, how to make your blog mobile friendly, how to set HTML, how to create pages, how to monetize your blog, how to place ads, how much your blog can earn etc. So be in touch with us.



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