Google's New Search App

Can you think your life without google? Can your full day go without using any google's services?
Every internet user is using some of Google's services.
If you live google and breathe google, this news is for you. 

Credits: Internet

Google care its users most. Many people has not strong network and are using internet on 2G Band. Some people have not a phone having big RAM and internet memory so they faces very slow internet surfing experience. Obviously no one want such bad experience.
Keeping in mind such users Google is bringing a powerful search app. 
That will perform very fast even at very slow network.
Users even having small memory will experience very good with this new search app of Google.
According to Android Policy this new search app is being tested in Indonesia.
We can say it as Search Lite, however this is not its official name. Actually this is optimized for users with slower and limited network connections.
Besides the "search" feature, this app has other thing also such as news, weather and translation tools. 

Credit: Internet

This is a new experiment search app which is performing very good in Indonesia yet. So get ready for new experience with search lite from google