How To Put AdSense Ads On Your Page -Fully Explained

If you are new comer on the blogger and you have put some good contents on your blog then this article is for you.We know that you can earn some decent money from your web/blog/page but it is not an easy task for new comer.
Dear friends if you have some good contents on your blog and you are looking for a way how to put adsense ads on your blog.Read complete article so that you can do good for you blog.

Login your blog and go to the left side bar of your main page. Just find layout option and click on this.See image↓

After clicking on layout you will reach at your working window. I am saying it as working window because your all work is done here. Here you can customize you ads placement.
Now as you want to give a place for adsense ads, add adsense gadget. 
See image↓

Select Adsense Gadget.

Now select your adds type what type of adds you want to display on your blog. However responsive adds are recommended because responsive adds perform better at all devices. Responsive adds changes their size and look according to the device screen..
See image↓

When you will go to your working window, you will see that Add a Gadget option is at many places like at left sidebar,right sidebar, at top, at footer etc you can see your working window for your reference. You should keep in mind that you must have to use three adsense ads gadget only. It is on you where you want to place these three adsense ads gadget.
Adsense will display adds on your web only at those places where you put adsense gadget.
Adding adsense ads gadget does not mean that now ads will start displaying on you blog.
Adsense Gadget is just to confirm the position where add will come. You can understand it like first you select a location for you new home. Once you ready at the selected location, you come to live there.
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