Now Go for YouTube Go App for Saving Your Internet Data

Do you experience bad with your slow network? Do you get frustrated when you open YouTube because it does not open due to of your slow network?  Do you consumed a big data while playing youtube?
If you reply in Yes, then this post is for you.
Now a days every one wants to find videos related with their tastes on the YouTube. YouTube is a big search engine having all types of videos. But many people have not good experience with youtube because it requires a strong network and big Data consumption for better experience.
Resolving these problem, google has launched a new youtube app that is YouTube Go.

YouTube also released its updated beta version. 
This new YouTube Go app will consume very few Data. It will work even on slow network. For all videos you will find two options, play and download. You can select quality of video according to your requirement.
How To Download & How It Works
Just download YouTube Go from Google play store. Install it.
When you will open it first time, you must will have to make some setings.
Select your language.

Find new and popular videos from all over the world

Download videos in your favorite quality and watch them even when you are offline.

Share your favorite videos with nereby friends and family.

Now verify your mobile number. Put your mobile number.It will send a confirmation code to your number and will get automaticaly verified.

This is your first home page you YouTube Go that have two options, Home and Downloads.
In downloads option you will find all your downloaded videos.
You can send or recieve any videos from nereby your friends

Download or play videos in your accordance size and quality.

So forget large data consumption while playing youtube videos. Now no problem with downloading videos from youtube. So enjoy the YouTube Go.

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