US New Policy For Afghanistan and South Asia

The most awaited speech of US president is over on last Monday evening. US president addressed US Troops and the nations and announced the new US Policy for Afghanistan and South Asia.
First of all Trump paid tribute to the US Forces in Afghanistan then he spoke about the new policy of US for Afghanistan, US forces, South Asia and terrorism.

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India In Speech

US president praised India for ensuring stability in South Asia.
New Delhi has played an important roll in ensuring stability in South Asia, Trump added.
Trump unveiled that US wants India to help Afghanistan.

US Military And Forces

Trump declared that US will increase the number of force persons in Afghanistan. He added that US will change its ''Time-based approach to one based on conditions''.
Trump praised even every single person of US force. He added that loyalty to our nation demands loyalty to one another. Love for America requires love to all of its people.
The president also mentioned the 9,11 terrorist attack, that no one can ever forget it and praised American vigilance and military who played a very well roll in keeping safe since then.

Policy On Afghanistan And Terrorism

Trump said that he has studied about Afghanistan matter and reached on the present decision.
He sad that these three action will be taken in Afghanistan Case.
First: A better and effective plan for victory
Second: The consequences of a rapid exit are both predictable and unacceptable
Third: Trump told that total 20 US designated foreign terrorist organisations are active in Afghanistan and Pakistan so need to concentrate to demolish all of these.

Pakistan- A Safe Haven to Terrorist

The US President declared that Pakistan is the safe zone for terrorist. Many terrorist organisation take shelter in Pakistan. Trump added that in Pakistan and Afghanistan the American interest is clear. He said that we must stop the resurgence of safe haven that enables terrorist to threaten America.
Trump added that we helped Pakistan with millions of dollar but Pakistan used that money to give support to Terrorism and that stands against America.
In conclusion The US president spoke on Terrorism and how to end this from around the world.
He praised India for helping Afghanistan and in South Asia Development prospective. Warning for countries who are supporting terrorists and terrorism.  


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