Whatsapp New Feature

Hi everyone | Good morning !
Did anyone notice your whatsapp today?
If you still not noticed your whatsapp today, go to your whatsapp app and notice that it has come with a new feature.

Image: From Internet

Whatsapp has changed it status feature. When you will tap your status tab you will find new change in it. 

Now you will see a white camera logo in a green circle. By taping it you can send your image status from your gallery or instant photo/selfie from your mobile camera. Now it is not just an image, once you select an image from gallery or photo from camera, you can put many effects by just scrolling that image/photo towards upside. Really it is just amazing.
Another thing is a edit option that is shown by a small pencil of Gray colour inside a circle of cream colour. 

When you will tap it a screen will open wher you can write anything in any font. There is an option also to select different colours for your background.
So enjoy the new features of whatsapp. For more detail watch video here


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