Earn Money by other's videos on YouTube.

Hi friends if you are thinking of earning money by YouTube videos then this post is for you only.
We already know that according to Google AdSense policy you can earn money by your original videos only. Any content that is copyright of others will violate the Google AdSense policy. Adsense can ban that video or even it can suspend your channel also. Generally people upload videos in which their child is dancing over a song, this also is against the Google AdSense policy as this video contains the copyright of that song. So we can say that if you want to earn money by YouTube you must have unique and your own content.
Some people are earning money while they never used their own camera to make videos. They are earning from other videos.
They are adding videos of others but no violence of any rules of Google Adsense. How can it be possible?
If you are an You Tuber, you know very well that after uploading any videos you have to fill up some form type docs of YouTube. When you upload any video, you can keep it as Standard YouTube licence or in creative commons attributes. See the image..

If you select standard YouTube licence in the licence and rights ownership that means this video is not available for others to reuse for commercial purpose,  no one can use your video for his channel to earn money. If anyone do so, he will violate the copyright rules of google AdSensce.
But if you select creative commons-Attribution that means you have given permission to others to reuse your video for commercial purpose.
So if you want to earn money from other's videos you must have taken those videos from creative commons (cc).
How Can You Do This?
Login into your YouTube channel. Go to your My channel option

Now go to create option and select videos editor as shown in the below image

Now select creative commons (cc) to create videos. Search videos under creative commons attribution licence and edit them accordingly.

You can search and select lots of videos under this category and can edit as you wish. Videos under this category will not violate the AsSense policy so you can monetize these videos. Most important thing is that when you edit video even with creative commons category you can keep your edited video under Standard YouTube Licence or in Creative Commons - Attributions licence.
So using this way you can earn money by others videos on YouTube.


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