How Can You Stay Happy?

How can you stay happy? What are the ways to be happy? 
There can be different reasons for each person's happiness. The reason for the happiness of a person can be the cause of another person's distress. Can a person be able to keep everyone happy? A happy person considers himself met with the world, whereas a miserable person views himself as different from the world. What can we do for our happiness?
There are some things that make us very happy but for those things we are rejected by society for some time. Should we live with that happiness, or should we give up that happiness to remain in the society?
Most answers come in favor of the society in response to this question, but if we think practically then we should go with our happiness.
How long are you going to live for? Everyone has to go, every person has to die one day.
If I talk about my thoughts, then we should go with our happiness. As long as you are living, live happily with your happiness.
Many people say that if you go according to the society and abandon your happiness and become social then you are still remembered after death.
Is it right that we give up our happiness, only because we will be remembered after death?
I do not think that's right. You may have experienced many times that society and social customs are meant only for middle class or even lower class families.
The biggest disease, what people will say
From this idiom, the fear of society has been told very well. Do not know how many people sacrifice their happiness only because they have to please society.
I believe that you should do that by which you get pleasure. If you try to please everyone, you will neither be able to be happy nor will anyone be happy
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