Increase Healthy Traffic to Your Websites by Flipboard

If you want to increase traffic to your website or to your blog use Flipboard.
whenever you write any post on your blog the next step is to share it. Generally you share your posts on social networking sites, messengers like whatsapp, Jio Chat, Hangout etc. Do you know Flipboard is a platform at which you can also share.

What is Flipboard? 

Flipboard is a platform where all contents are available in the consolidated form. Flipboard is a personalized magazine app designed for smart phone and tablets, but you can access it on a laptop/desktop  too. It takes stories from around the web based on your own interests and delivers them to you in an attractive visual feed.

How it works?

It consolidates content from social media, news feeds and other websites, presents it in magazine format, and allows users to "flip" through their favorite articles being shared. Readers can also save stories into Flipboard Magazines

Create Your own Flipboard Magazine?

First of all you will have to register on flipboard. Click here to register/sign up.

Once you sign up, you will able to create your own magazine. Once you created your magazine on flipboard, you can share your contents on this magazine. You can create as many magazines as you want. 
Create magazine according to your contents to share.

For examples if you write on blogging then create magazine and put this name as Blogging or blogging tips etc.
Now when you write about any tips on blogging in your blog post, share it on flipboard magazine that named as Blogging.

Write description of your magazine you creating. A good description attracts more traffic.

How to share your content on flipboard magazine?

If you are a blogger and wants to share your content on flipboard magazine, you must have blogger app in your smart phone. You can download it from play store just click on blogger.
Now sign in your blogger from your mobile blogger app. You will find window like this in image

Now select any post you want to share.Select top right corner (Three Vertical small points) and then select share option.

After clicking on share option you will find many sharing options but you have to select flipboard

Now write a small and best title of your post under "what is interesting about this?" and select magazine for which your contents can best fit.

Now your content is available on flipboard. At flipboard many people will find your content in your magazine. If you have more than one contents in a particular magazine, people will flip all contents of that magazine on the flipboard. When they will click any content on your flipboard magazine, they will directly reach on your main blog or website.
This is a very good and effective trick to increase traffic to your blog and website. If you never try it, try it once. You will feel happy seeing that traffic to your website is increasing drastically.


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