Increase organic Traffic to Your Website

How to increase traffic to your website?
This is a big question now a days. Everyone is looking the best answer for this.
Generally people share their contents via social networking site like Facebook, Twitter etc. Some people sends link via social messenger like Whatsapp, Skype etc.
Is this the proper way to increase traffic??
No this is not the proper and good way to increase the traffic to your website.
This type of traffic is instant traffic and is not stable. I never recommend this traffic coming via these tricks.
You need to earn organic traffic that is very important for your website future.
There is not any hard and fast rule to grow your website with a good organic traffic. To increase organic traffic to your website you will have to work hard.
Keep in mind some necessary points to grow your website.
  • Your website name should be easily searchable
  • Your contents must be as good that people take interest
  • Don't perform copy- past from other's contents - This can make Google angry.
Know that their are two type of categories of contents. First that is long lasting, it never gets old. Second that last only one or two days only.
If you choose second category that means you will have to work hard on daily basis. Blogs/websites providing current and breaking news comes in the second category.
If you are a blogger providing current and breaking news, you earn traffic very quickly but this will stay only if you work better on daily basis.
If you are of first category that means you provide contents that are long lasting, you will earn stable traffic.
Both categories are good but depends on your work. If you can work on daily basis and can provide better contents of daily basis, you will earn healthy traffic.
Always provide contents like that after writing it you feel that yes that was what I wanted to say.
If you even yourself feel that you are providing good contents means you are giving your best.
You should keep in you head one thing that don't be strenuous and be calm.
Provide good contents, don't make google angry.
Never use any paid trick to increase traffic to your website. It can be very harmful for your blog, websites. Google can bann your website.
So the only trick to increase traffic is to provide good and health contents.
Take an example, when you feel thirsty you go to the water source but water source never comes to you.


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