Interesting Facts About Google.

In this era, who will be the person who does not know about Google in the internet?
Google is the world's largest search engine.
If you want to know about any thing or want to get information about anything, then you can go to Google.
If you do not know anything about anything, you can ask it to Google.

Google has the answer to everything and every single thing in today's Internet era.
Nowadays everyone is using Google. Does anyone know how Google got its name as Google?
How did Google get Google?
Google is a US company. When Google was being searching, that means a search engine was being searched, then its name was also to be searched. 
Initially Google's name was placed on a mathematical terminology, which means 10100 
Photo: Google Image

Name was taken, that was Googol. Now it was turns to create a domain by this name. But when it came to creating a domain, the domain of this mathematical terminology was not available, then Google was available.
Google's creator selected this name and since then Google has started to make it known as Google.


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