North Korea Tested A Most Powerful Nuclear Bomb

North Korea cunducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test on Sunday. This is an eye opening test for US and its allies.
Acording to North Korea's officials they have succefully tested a Hydrogen Bomb.
From Twitter
North Korea Hydrogen Bomb test had explosive yield of 120 kilotons,while Hiroshima was15 kilotones only.
The nuclear device that North Korea tested today was almost 8 times the size of american atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima.
This was the North Korea's sixth-ever test of  nuclear weapon and first since US President Donald Trump took Office.
In this context Donald Trump twitted: North Korea has conducted a major Nuclear Test. Their words and actions continue to be very hostile and dangerous to the United States.....
The Telegraph writes : A nuclear test by North Korea - the strongest yet - triggered an artificial earthquake which was felt in China and Russia.
Donalt trump condemns North Korea's Nuclear test, calls the country ''rogue nation''
French Prisedent Macron condemned North Korea's nuclear test,saying ''utmost viguor''
Every one in the world is condemning for the North Korea's nuclear test because this can be very dengerous for some countries.
This test is an eye opening test for some countries  and a bell of danger for US, China,Japan, South Korea and allies countries of united States.


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