YouTube In A New Fresh Look

Did you notice the new fresh look of YouTube. If you are One of the YouTube lovers, you will have already experienced the look of YouTube.
First of we will talk about its logo. YouTube has changed its logo. In old logo of YouTube the Tube was written in white color with red background. The updated logo combines a cleaned up version of the YouTube wordmark.
Jut take a look to see the difference. see image below

Just follow the link to experience the New YouTube and its fresh features in desktop version.
The desktop design puts the videos and creators you love front and center with a cleaner, simpler layouts that lets contents shine.

Clean Design

The content and creators you love shine with a clean, simple design.

Dark Theme

Activate the dark theme to experience the true colors of videos you watch

Built For The Future

YouTube is working hard to give experiences to its users and in future many more features will be added
When you browse YouTube on desktop you will find that at the top right corner of YouTube logo your country is clearly mentioned where you are playing YouTube videos.

If we talk about new YouTube look and feature on mobile device, a little change have been made.
See the image how new YouTube look on mobile.

In case mobile, all your settings like home, my channel etc are displaying on right top corner.
At right corner you will see your channel icon. You can enter your channel setting by tapping your channel icon at the right top corner

So enjoy the new look of YouTube and be ready for new upcoming updates also. Don't forget to subscribe our page to get new updates daily.


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