Top 5 Happiest Countries in the world.

Where are you living?  Are you living in the happiest country? Do you know which is the happiest country in the world? Don't worry today we are going to tell you all about the top 5 happiest countries in the world.
United Nations measures every year the qualities of life for citizens around the world through surveys. According to the survey report the top 5 happiest countries of the world are as follows


Finland is the fifth happiest nation in the world. Finns experience a high quality of life, low levels of corruption, high literacy rates, a small income gap, wide access to health care, high life expectancy rates and a healthy work-life balance.
Finland have access to one of the highest quality social support networks in the world.


Norway has moved up four places to knock Denmark off the top spot as the world’s happiest country. What are things that makes Norway happiest country are the positive reports of surveys done on the life of people living in the country.
Good governance, caring behavior of government and people themselves, freedom, good health and satisfactorily income are the factors that make this country world's fourth happiest country.


For the second time in a row, ICELAND is the third happiest nation on earth, according to the UN’s 2017 World Happiness Report.
The keys variables used to measure happiness are healthy years of life expectancy, social support, trust, perceived freedom to make life decisions, and generosity.


Everyone knows that the Switzerland is the most beautiful country in the world. In the happiest countries Switzerland stands at second position.The World Happiness Report  is based on the surveys done on incorporates factors like GDP per capita, life expectancy, and perception of corruption.


This isn’t the first time that Denmark has been named the happiest country in the world. Denmark offers free public services, such as health care and education.

Quality of life in Denmark is high, social life is great, and their political sphere seems to be working. Plus, it's gorgeous.


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