whatsapp for android beta version brings major updates

whatsapp for android beta version brings major updates.
The most used messenger, whatsapp is coming with new updates. According to technology website the new whatsapp in beta version is coming with some exciting feature. These features is only to reduce human stress. 
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According to the reports the whatsapp will send notifications to all your contacts whenever you will change your mobile(Operator) number. However it is controllable that you can also select manually to whom yo don't want to send notification.

So this is the first feature that now no need to tell all your contacts that you have changed your mobile number. Now all your contacts will get notify whenever you change your mobile number.

The second feature is about its size. Now you can download whatsapp with some reduced size. So now you will have to consume less data in downloading the whatsapp.
The third and last update is that now you can download images,videos, audio and other files in compressed size. However whatsapp already compress all file that are communicating via whatsapp but now its feature is with more powerful compressed behavior.
So enjoy the new feature of whatsapp. How was the post please comment.    


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