Aadhaar-Verified Passengers Can Now Book extra 6 Railway Tickets A Month Online

Indian railways is the most powerful means of travelling from one location to other. On an average 23 Millions of people travel daily by Indian railways.

IRCTC is the website where you can book your tickets. You must be registered in this website to make any reservation for anywhere of any train.

The limit of the number of booking tickets is 6 per month. That means you can book only 6 tickets in a month. Now to encourage the use of AADHAAR by passengers of Indian railways, the national carrier has decided to allow booking of up to 12 tickets a month for IRCTC users.

So you can take benefits of booking of 12 tickets per month by registering your AADHAR with the website IRCTC

According to the senior officers of Indian railways this service has been in effected from 26th October 2017. It is believed that now more people will link the AADHAAR with IRCTC account.

The existing IRCTC account which are not linked with AADHAAR will continue to book 6 tickets per month.

The good thing with this service is that the corruption in the tickets booking will reduce. Now the travel agent will not be able to create fake account. Now one person can have only one IRCTC account.

Procedure to Link AADHAAR to IRCTC Account

ü  Login your IRCTC account

ü  Click ‘’Aadhar KYC’’ link under ‘’My Profile’’ menu.

ü  Enter your Aadhaar number and click on send OTP button. OTP will be sent on your mobile number that is already registered with Aashaar

ü  Enter the OTP and click on Verify button

Your Aadhaar will be registered with your IRCTC account.

So take the benefit of your Aadhaar to book 6 extra tickets in a month.




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