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How to talk anyone anytime anywhere
I was looking for an idea by which I would make me able to talk any language knowing person. Just imagine that you are an American but you plan to visit India. What is the first thing that come in your mind? In India you will not find all the people who understand English. This problem is common for those people who do frequent travels. English is a common language, most people speak and understand it but there are some languages which are very difficult to understand.
 Can you imagine that you are talking with a Brazilian in your language? Brazilian is saying in his language but you are listening him in your own language. I have taken some example but now you can listen anyone in your own language irrespective be the any language of speaker.
Yes this is possible now. You are living in the era of Google. It is not only the search engine now but everything.
You know very well the google translation app. Now google translation has come with more beneficial features. It will make conversation very easy.
Let us discuss how it works.
First of all you will have to go on google play store and search google translation App. Download and install it. Now open the App.
You will see like this interface. In the left side, you can select the language which is to have translate from. In the right site select the language in which you are going translate to. Google translate gives you permission to download more than 108 language for offline conversations. That means once you download any language, you don’t need to have internet connection for conversation in that language.
Once you tap on the mic button you will enter into this interface. Now you will find that it is not just a translation App now but it is the platform of conversation. After listening your voice it will say in other language and will wait for your next turn.
Now you can save your favorite translated words or sentences and you will see all your saved translated phrase in phrasebook.
So Google is making our life easy and easier. For more about google translate see this video.

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