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Do you love to watch movies? Horror movies are always amazing to play. Sometimes we feel real fear while watching movies. Now a days the technologies are at its top level. Special effects makes movies more horror. 3 D sound effects make us feel real fear. In this technology era horror movies seems to be more horror. But if we talk about old Bollywood horror movies, those movies also were amazing. If you really love horror movies, you must watch these Bollywood horror movies at least once.
Mahal- 1949
Mahal is a Bollywood Hindi movie directed by Kamal Amrohi and starring Ashok Kumar and Madhubala. The story of this film says that a young lawyer is involved with a ghostly woman in his new house, where the builder and his fiancée died shortly after it was built.
Bees Saal Baad- 1962
This movie released in 1962, directed by Biren Nag and produced by Hemant Kumar. In this movie a Thakur rapes a young girl, she kills herself. Thereafter, the Thakur is killed by what the local people call the girl's vengeful spirit. All the family members killed in a similar fashion like Thakur.
Kohara- 1964
Kohraa (The Fog) is a 1964 Bollywood horror film directed by Biren Nag, starring Waheeda Rehman, Biswajeet and Lalita Pawar. In this film, a recently wed woman discovers the ghost of her husband's first wife still haunts their home.
1920- 2018
This is my favorite movie. It was released in 2008, directed by Vikram Bhat. In this movie a man turned ghost after his death, comes in next generation to take revenge.
The name of the movie is some strange ‘6-5=2’, this movies was released in 2014. It is the story of 6 friends who travel through the forest and some horrifying events taken place.

You should watch these movies you will feel fear. I am sure that you will like these movies

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