Does your free wordpress website not shown up on a Google or any of the search engines when you search for it? If yes then here is a simple solution for you guys. In this article hey guys this me and I'm back with another article and in this article guys I'm going to show you how you can bring your site on popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. As well so guys in the previous articles we created free wordpress website with free domain and free hosting.

Most of the people ask me that the website that we build with the free domain does not show now and that's why I'm making this article for you guys. So guys if you have any requests or question you can ask me in the comment section as well and if you're new to this blog, because I drop a new article every single month on this blog about WordPress.

Let me show you guys how you can bring your side on popular search engines like Google. Let's get started alright guys. So before I move into this article, I just want to show you something as you can see. I'm here in Google and I'm going to type Android authority dot GA so as you can see this free domain website now display on Google search engines on the first place because I type the full domain name here if I just simply type under it authority this website.

What shown up here because Android authority com has a more backlinks and has more better SEO than this one. Because this is a justice fresh website and the still I can see here on Google but if I make this website SEO friendly I have enough backlinks on this website. If I type simply Android authority and you will see my website on search engines.

So now I have to type and draw authority dot GA in order to see this website you probably thinking that anyone can such website with their full domain name. If I copy that I mean from this website and one thing I want to mention that I didn't did anything with this website like I did with the Android authority. If I just pasted the domain right here let me delete from the beginning and if I search this website you can see this website wants shown up on Google because I didn't did exactly I did with Android authority dot GA all right.

Here's the things you need to do first you want to do the web submission and next we will submit the XML sitemap for web submission. We will submit our website URL in various web search engines now. There are many web search engines out there you can submit your site URL or you can submit your site URL by going to these web search engines or one by one or you can submit your site on various web search engines with only one click and that's exactly I'm going to show you in this article for XML sitemap.

We are going to use a plugin that gonna help us to create the XML sitemap you're probably thinking what is XML sitemap in simple language. I would say XML sitemap is a information file about your website and another word. When we submit a XML sitemap as an information file of our website to Google we just simply telling Google that hey Google you need to include or exclude these information from your search results and that's exactly XML sitemaps. Do now you can see my website is well indexed on Google. You can see the Meta Description right here. You can see the website title right there and you can see some index or category below the website search results.

That's exactly we need to do in order to get a visibility on search engines all right. Let's start with web submission there are a couple of websites over the Internet that gonna help us to submit our website in one click. So first of all let's open the website the type free web submission let's open up this website so guys here you can see on this website you can submit your website URL over 50 of web directory in just one click. How cool it is right? Let's submit our website right this one let's copy this and let just paste the website domain here and type your name or you can type your website name whatever you like I'm gonna type the website name.

I'm going to enter my email read the terms and condition yes and then simply click on submit your site and this pops up window comes up close this so guys. You can see you can see the success message and some of these does not have success message. If you see like this click to submit that means you have to manually submit your site on these are search engines and one important thing is that. If you submit your site first time it may ask you the verification email verification verify your email and then you can continue with this website anyways.

Let's continue. Let's submit this website to Google manually by clicking on is linked it will take us to this page. Let's login click on submit request so you can see your request has been received and will be proceed shortly. Now close this and now click here to Bing and open the pink side submission all right. Here just paste the URL type the CAPTCHA submit and your request was successfully submitted.

Now close this so guys now we submit our website on these search engines now it's time for XML sitemap first. We will create XML sitemap and then we will submit that XML sitemap on Google now. Let's go to the website dashboard. This is a free website that we built with the free domain if you want to know how to build this you can check out the description and create your free website now here.

I'm going to install the plugins add new let's type Yoast SEO. So guys we need to install this plugin. Click on install now and click on activate alright guys. You can see in the left side. We have the SEO section right here let's just click on SEO and general. If you installing this plugin first time you should run the configuration wizard. Let's click on that select the first option my site is alive and ready to index. Click next and this is a blog whatever your site is just mention here and then next this is a person name type here and click next and here you can submit your social media account here.

If you like otherwise you can skip this or you can click on next then next again next so guys here we need to get the authentication code from the Google. Let's click on get Google authentication code click here allow so this is the authentication code copy this paste right here and click here to authenticate click on next here. You can type your website name if you like so title separation you can choose any of this but I'm gonna choose this symbol right here and then click on next click Next and then scroll down click Next alright you have done it now.

This now we've done the configuration now. Let's go to the features so where's here in the features tab if you can see XML sitemap here. If you click on this question symbol and you can see the XML sitemap. If you click on this link it will show you the index of your site. If something you don't want to include in your sitemap you can exclude that part of your website like post some categories tag section something like that. You can do that by unchecking by going to maybe appearance search appearance such parents and then so there's and now here. You can see these are the section of parts of your website that you want to include or exclude if you want to exclude you can click no or hide if you want to show then you can show or yes it will appear on search engines according to that.

Now I'm going to submit the sitemap on Google search engines so I'm going to copy the last word from the sitemap underscore index dot XML. I'm going to highlight this and I'm going to copy this part right here and then here I'm going to go to the Google and I'm going to type Google Webmaster webmaster. Let's open this website let's sign in so as when you arrive on this page you see the butter right here and property.

If you click there and here you have to enter your website first. Let's go here and let's copy the website URL and paste right here and click on add now we need to upload the HTML verification file into our WordPress root directory or our hosting server with the WordPress installed. We can verify this let's download the verification file and click OK now in order to upload this file.

We have to use FTP client like FileZilla. If you don't have FileZilla you can perform a Google search for FileZilla FTP client and download the FileZilla. Install on your computer and then you are ready to use it.

Let me show you how FileZilla looks like so guys. This is the FileZilla and here I need to know the information about the FTP account like hostname and username password and port in order to login into my hosting server.

Let's go to the host site which is an affinity free let's click on client area. Let me go to the control panel or I can go click here to manage I need the FTP detail these are the ftp details. Let me copy the username and I'm gonna place this username right here and this is the house name. I think these information is wrong let's go to the cPanel alright now click on FTP accounts so these are the information that I need to know.

This is the host name here host name is different and here is different. I used to use this host name that's why I think that this is the wrong host name anyways. Let's paste the host name right here and let me type the password here what is 21 and click on Quick Connect. Let's open the htdocs so here I need to upload that file so what I'm gonna do I'm going to drag and drop this file into right here. You can see the upload process and upload is done you can see successfully transfer.

Let's minimize this let's go back to this site and let's check the verification. Click verify verification. Click verify all right as you can see verification is successfully done click on continue.

I think reason why my website wasn't verify recently because I upload a verification file with a different name as you can see start bracket 1 and closed bracket but when I upload the file with its original name verification process completes successfully now. Let's go to the sitemap and let's copy the last Idol site map underscore index and dot XML. Let's go back to the webmaster tool and click these buttons right here site map and click here add our test site map feast your site map right here and then click Submit and click on refresh so you can see processed ending it may take up to 24 to 48 hours.

Once this done your site will be alive on Google so guys exact same thing you can do on the Bing as well there is no different method on a Bing as well the same process.

First you need to add the property on Bing and then you need to submit the sitemap the only difference is the user interface you have to find where is these ad property button where is the ad the sitemap button otherwise everything is the same. So guys this is how you can submit your site or how you can visible your site on search engines like Google Bing and other search engines. I guess that's the end of this article. I hope you learned something from this article if you really learn something from this article please hit the like button and don't forget to subscribe to this website.

If you are new here and because I drop a new article every single week in this website so that being said good bye and see you.